Why to buy a stationary yard ramp over concrete

Moving heavy equipment must be done safely and productively. Does your business involves daily hauling of heavy commodities such as cars, furniture, sound equipment, pavers, tractors, or something else? Do you not have a loading dock? Investing in or renting a stationary ramp is ideal for businesses and contractors that are in need of lugging heavy products daily or a one-time rental. Medlin Ramps offers ramps for rent or for purchase. Purchased yard ramps may have widths, lengths, and capacities customized. Under circumstances of one-time rentals, multiple locations, or different areas that products will be loaded, investing in a stationary ramp over installing a concrete ramp is beneficial for multiple purposes. 
Stationary yard ramps are essential when loading trucks have no ground access. You can move the heavy duty carbon steel ramp against the truck and safely remove your products. Concrete ramps are permanent in its place, which may at first seem ideal. You may not have to worry about ever renting again, but there are more benefits associated with stationary yard ramps that make them more desirable
Mobility: With businesses growing and expanding, moving locations, and also having different unloading stations, it is necessary to having a movable ramp that tailors your needs. You should look for an invention that adapts to your changing and growing business. Concrete ramps are permanent and cannot move or fit different sized docking trucks
Quick and Efficient: Once you have a project or business plan, you would like to get started right away. Having a concrete ramp installed takes days of planning, modeling, and building. You also need a permit to legally build a concrete ramp, which may be expensive and further push your project into longer days. Medlin Ramps are shipped within a few days to your home and can be installed immediately upon arrival. Concrete jobs take several days while stationary ramps can be installed instantly upon arrival
Versatile: adapting to new situations, such as new locations for loading, is made easy with Medlin products because they are quick to install and easy to move. The permanency of concrete slabs are seemingly better but are actually inefficient to the flexibility of work environments. You can rent different ramps for all occasions (yard mobile ramps, ground ramps), or buy one that will always be useful. Concrete ramps will always be one size and in one place
Modified for Unpredictable Weather: Yard ramps are not slippery like concrete slabs are, and wet concrete can be quite dangerous. You also have to worry about salting and shoveling. Mobile yard ramps avoid the hassle that snow and rain causes, and can be covered or stored. The accommodation for different weather conditions make stationary yard ramps a better and safer investment
Also: If you are on a rented property, you may not be able to build a concrete ramp. If you’re allowed to build it, you may run into other construction problems that further prevent you from completing your work. 
The advantages of stationary yard ramps outweigh concrete ramps that are permanent, expensive and time consuming, hard to clean, and often dangerous. Search our website for a stationary yard ramp that’s right for you!