Win-Win Situation When Buying a Loading Ramp over a Concrete Ramp


You can choose to get ground-to dock ramps or portable loading dock ramps according to your business needs. Unlike concrete loading ramps, mobile ramps and ground to dock yard ramps are easy to transport. Also you can use them in different warehouses if you need.

No Building Permits Required

While you have to get permission to build a concrete ramp for your site, you do not need to get permission for loading ramps. In addition, if you need to move or operate in different locations, you do not need to get permission and build a new concrete ramp for each facility which can also cost a lot.

Money Saver

Other advantages of getting a portable loading ramp instead of building a concrete ramp is that you can sell your loading ramp to “Medlin Ramps” after you are done. Moreover, if you operate in different warehouses, building a concrete ramp for each location can cost a lot.


Also it is safer to choose loading ramps since it is durable and designed for all weather conditions.

Time Saver

If you choose to build a concrete ramp for your site, you need to wait a long time until is done. Because first you plan and wait to implement.

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