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Hydraulic Failure Solution — Crank System

Hydraulic Failure!? Why Medlins Manual Crank system is better!

Hydraulic failure in yard ramps can be one of the most frustrating and costly expense to a company. Unfortunately, since Hydraulic systems have been in use so long it has a reputation that this is the right way to go. The reality is that hydraulic systems work, but are very inclined to failure as there are many parts that can be damaged very easily. For example, the capacity is very weak and if the operator drives the forklift on the ramp while the wheels are making contact to the ground, you can be sure there will be some hydraulic failure or seal leakage, leading to costly repairs and ramp down time. Meanwhile giving the customer a 7 page hydraulic user/maintenance manual repair guide,which is always hard to understand.

Your alternative and solution is the two speed manual crank system. It is far superior as it has been the staple for trailer adjustment around the world for decades. Medlin Ramps has incorporated this system into its ramps, making them very durable and reliable. Using this system ensures practically maintenance free operation for years. The crank system requires only a little grease every 6 months, making them virtually worry free. This allows the operator to easily raise and lower the ramp with just a turn of the handle. With many hours of destructive testing we have determined that the crank system is by far the best choice for a yard ramp.