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Portable & Mobile Yard Ramps (YRM)


At Medlin Ramps, we are dedicated to enhancing businesses’ productivity by offering state-of-the-art Portable & Mobile Yard Ramps (YRM). Our two exceptional series, the Elite Series and the Stock Series, are designed to meet your specific needs.

Elite Series – The Most Versatile Mobile Yard Ramp in Our Fleet

Our Elite Series mobile yard ramp is the pinnacle of versatility when it comes to loading and unloading containers. These mobile loading ramps not only expand your existing dock capacity but also grant you the flexibility to access your products across your property. Portable yard ramps offer seamless material handling, whether it’s from trucks, railcars, or buildings. With our mobile yard ramp, handling materials becomes effortless, allowing you to move items safely and efficiently using a forklift. If your company lacks a loading dock, our yard ramp serves as the perfect solution.

Stock Series – Stocked, Locked, and Ready 

The Medlin Stock Series mobile yard ramp is a reliable and readily available option for your business. It’s designed to streamline container handling and increase your operational efficiency, all while being conveniently stocked, locked, and ready for action.

New or Used Portable Yard Ramps 

Our portable loading dock ramps are constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel, ensuring years of dependable service. Every Medlin mobile yard ramp comes standard with all-weather serrated grating and a 6-foot level-off section, making them safe and efficient to use. The 2-speed manual crank system, along with the four iron core poly wheels, simplifies adjusting and moving the ramp. This manual crank system eliminates concerns about hydraulic failure, a common issue in other brands. Each ramp also features safety chains and a tow boot, allowing for easy one-person operation. We offer various capacities ranging from 16,000 to 40,000 pounds, and custom sizes are available upon request. All our ramps come in a safety red color for high visibility.

Buy or Rent Mobile Yard Ramps 

If you require a mobile yard ramp for a limited duration, consider renting one from us rather than making an outright purchase. Our rental options start as low as $300 per month, providing you with a cost-effective solution. We offer nationwide coverage, ensuring that our rental service is accessible coast to coast. Medlin Ramps is committed to making sure you have made the best choice by renting a yard ramp from us.

Goodbye Hydraulic Failure 

With a Medlin yard ramp mobile, you can say goodbye to hydraulic failure concerns. We have meticulously designed our ramps to work reliably whenever you need them. Our innovative 2-speed manual crank system, a proven technology in the trucking industry for decades, allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the ramp. Operator safety is our priority, guaranteed by our traction surface and quick-style safety chain design. Our standard ramp comes equipped with four 3×8 Iron Core poly wheels, ensuring easy mobility and peace of mind.

Choose Medlin Ramps for a seamless and dependable solution to your loading and unloading needs. Whether you opt for our Elite Series or Stock Series, you’re investing in top-notch equipment designed to enhance your business’s efficiency and productivity.



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Got Mobile Yard Ramps?

No Loading Dock? No worries. Our Medlin yard ramp offers a reliable solution for seamless product loading and unloading over an extended period. The mobile ramp we provide enhances your operational flexibility, enabling you to access your inventory conveniently across your property. Our portable loading dock ramps are designed to significantly boost your production capabilities, making them an invaluable asset to your business.

Have you ever used...

Have you ever tried a Mobile Yard Ramp? If not, you’re about to discover a game-changing logistics solution. By utilizing our ramp, you can effortlessly transport goods to your desired location. This one-person operation not only saves you valuable time but also reduces costs by eliminating the need for pallet jacks and multiple workers in your previous process. It’s a smart choice for optimizing your logistics efficiency.

Living in a Material world?

A serrated grating surface stands out as the ultimate choice for dependable, all-weather traction. This type of grating not only offers exceptional grip but also effectively prevents the accumulation of unwanted debris. To ensure durability, we employ heavy-duty carbon steel channel framing in our construction. Additionally, at both ends of the ramp, we feature a diamond plate surface, ensuring a seamless and smooth transition from the ground to the container. These design elements combine to provide you with a reliable and high-performance solution.

Your Options Matter

Medlin ramps come with a range of versatile options to suit your specific needs. For non-paved surfaces, we offer off-road wheels, ensuring mobility in diverse environments. To accommodate varying wheel heights, we provide extended curbs, allowing for smooth transitions over abnormal surfaces. You also have the option to add handrails, transforming your mobile ramp into a safe personnel walk ramp. Safety is paramount, which is why all our products feature high-visibility safety red as standard. Plus, we offer custom paint options to match your preferences and branding, ensuring your Medlin ramp meets all your requirements.

Design For Your Dime?

Rest easy knowing that hydraulic failure is a non-issue with a Medlin yard ramp mobile. We’ve engineered our ramp to be consistently reliable, aligning its operation with your schedule. Our time-tested 2-speed manual crank system for raising and lowering the ramp has a decades-long track record in the trucking industry, ensuring dependable performance. We prioritize operator safety with our secure traction surface and the quick-style safety chain design. As for mobility, our standard ramp is equipped with four 3×8 Iron Core poly wheels, making it effortlessly maneuverable. With Medlin, you can trust in a worry-free and efficient ramp solution.

Advanced Products

Medlin Ramps manufacturing facilities are located in CA, NM, and NC. We process a massive tonnage of materials to produce a wide range of products, both stocked and custom:


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