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Welcome To Medlin Ramps. The finest selection of yard ramps, loading ramps, dock ramps, work platforms, forklift ramps and extensions for your business

2019 will mark Medlin Ramps' 28th year of providing exceptional yard ramps, mobile yard ramp, dock boards, dock lift, loading ramps, loading dock ramps, portable loading docks, forklift ramps, order picker platforms, dock plates and other material handling equipment nationwide!

For 28 years we provided quality yard ramps and material handling equipment to Los Angeles County and Orange County, but in early 2015 we opened two additional shipping warehouses: One in North Carolina and one in Tennessee.

Medlin Ramps has now become the only yard ramp manufacturer to have two manufacturing plants in the US. We serve businesses nationwide when they need a stationary or a mobile yard ramp solution for their business. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a yard ramp, Medlin Ramps will provide you the best price and fastest delivery.

Shipping is the biggest obstacle when buying a yard ramp. Medlin Ramps has raised the bar by being Coast to Coast! Now when buying a yard ramp, our 3 distribution centers will save you time and money in being able to build and ship your ramp faster than ever.

View some of our material handling products below:

If your business is located at a warehouse or a place with one or more docks, then you are in need of one or multiple forklift ramps. Forklift ramps (also called yard ramps) are ramps that can be attached to the back opening of your truck, or to the opening of a warehouse or loading dock, and they are used for the purpose of giving your forklift a platform to carry items from ground level to an opening above ground level where heavy items or a large number of items need to be placed or unloaded.

You can buy new or used forklift ramps, or you can choose to rent instead. A new forklift ramp can definitely handle long-term use being that it is in tip-top condition when sold, but do not be hesitant to buy a used ramp. All of our ramps are tested and can hold between 16,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. You will want to consider renting a forklift ramp from us if you only need the ramp for a limited time period. We have short and long-term rental options.

If you want to keep your yard ramp in one place, then a stationary yard ramp would work best for you, while portable (or mobile) forklift ramps can be moved around to different locations on your turf. Our portable yard ramps come with four wheels, two for each leg.

If you work in the retail, automotive, or food industries, buying or renting a forklift or yard ramp would be an ideal purchase for you. Call us today at 877-4-MEDLIN if you would like more information or would like to discuss how we can best accommodate you and your business.

About Medlin Yard Ramps

Medlin yard ramps, which incorporate the two-speed manual crank system. We had a lot of fun "testing" these things – meaning breaking them, redesigning and re-engineering them, breaking them again and repeating until we had the strongest product we could build – so you can count on their reliability and durability. As a bonus, they require little maintenance (just a little grease a couple of times a year) and if the day comes long, long from now that you might have to get in there with a wrench, it is easy to work on – no need to call someone for repairs.

We have mobile and stationary yard ramps available in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you can always find the right ramp for the job. Check out our products today, or contact us for more information.

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