Installing Dock Ground Ramp

If you just got a new dock to ground ramp you should make sure that you employ it correctly. Medlin Ramps provides comprehensive instructions for full setup in order to make the process much easier, nonetheless, you can use this useful quick guide as a source as well.

At first, you should unship your ramp after shipment. Then, place lifts on each side of the ramp, position and compound it to the ramp, removing off any supports such as a carrier. Put the carrier forward and clear the ramp, slightly lift down the ramp to the ground, situating it onto the wood blocks.

After that, you can place the ramp in the right location. First, you should link up its safety chain brackets to the dock face. Then, in order to prevent motion, hold the bumper plates near the dock face as much as possible and fix the ramp in position on the dock surface. Bond the safety chains to the brackets on the dock face and make sure that it has been bound as tight as possible to keep it secure.

Now, you can take a deep breath because you have already accomplished the installation of your plant’s dock to the ground ramp.

You can always contact us if you have any further queries, requests, suggestions. We’ll be delighted to help you, providing you with an individual response.