Yard Ramps and Work Place Safety

Did you know that a prominent number of injuries that happen in the workplace are back related? Here are some statistics for you: According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of injuries and illnesses in the workplace are due to back injuries of more than 1 million workers (Business & Legal Resources). Back injuries also make up for one in every five injuries in the workplace, and 80% of these injuries have to do with manual material handling tasks (University of Maryland, provided by The Good Body).

An essential part of your business may be getting your employees to lift heavy items and boxes, and carry them in and out of warehouses or buildings. Lifting and moving around heavy items or boxes multiple times a day over a long period of time will likely give them back issues, and once getting a nasty back injury it can contribute to long-term back issues. Or the injury may have to be corrected through surgery, which will have a worker on bed rest and away from work.

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