5 Great Tips For Loading Dock Safety

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls, slips and trips accounted for 309,060 instances of on-the-job injuries at U.S. private businesses in 2016. Warehouse and production facilities have the capacity for workplace injuries, particularly when you consider all the gear required to consistently load and unload trucks.

Here at Medlin Ramps, we take every precaution in our own facility, and we needed to share some of our top tips for keeping your loading dock free from prospective risks—and your workers safe and make sure to keep up with OSHA for the most recent loading and unloading regulations.

  1. Employee Training – Loading dock safety starts with every employee to learn all safety procedures and protocols.
  2. Display Safety Signage – Medlin Ramps makes sure proper safety placards are posted around loading docks to serve as visual reminders of potential dangers.
  3. Keep Your Aisle-Ways Clear – Avoid workplace falls by keeping driving and walkways clear from containers, tools or packing materials. Clean up all spills or debris immediately and make sure flooring is always in good condition.
  4. Use Proper Equipment – Employees should always know the limitations of all equipment used on a daily basis. An example can be the max capacity for dock plates and boards.
  5. Replace Aging Dock Equipment – If you don’t have a maintenance plan yet, you should. A preventive maintenance plan is good to have in place to routinely check all dock equipment so that you’ll know when dock plates or ramps need to be replaced.