Dock Boards vs. Dock Plates

Dock boards are made strong so that usage of heavy machines, such as forklifts, can be substantial. A dock plate is made out of aluminum where as a dock board contains a plate made from steel. Both docks have a diamond pattern surface along side steel rails on two sides. This helps prevent any items/equipment to slide and fall off due to its major stability, also while handling heavier weight capacities.

A dock plates on the other hand, may look like a dock board but is different in contrast. The capacities of a dock board are from about 5,000 lbs to  30,000 lbs in comparison to dock plates, which only hold a capacity of 1,500 to 5,500 lbs. Both are portable but dock plates are considerably easier because its lighter than a dock plate.

Keep in mind that no matter how big or small your equipment is, your dock board/dock plate should be at least 8” wider.

You should always inspect your dock boards/plates to make sure that the chains aren’t weakening and the plates to ensure the treading is adequate. You should also clean your board/plate for any grease, oil or dirt buildup as this will help operate better.

At Medlin, you can personalize your very own dock boards with any size, color or even capacities. Come in today to learn more information.