Loading Dock Ramps and What to Expect

Looking for a loading dock ramp? Don’t know which type to go with? What most people don’t know is that loading dock ramps, yard ramps and forklift ramps are just a bunch of fancy ways to say the same thing. All of these ramps are exactly the same, the main difference you should look for when buying a loading dock ramp is if it has the ability to be mobile or not.

Loading dock ramps are made both as stationary ramps and movable ramps that are made with the addition of wheels so they can be brought from place to place instead of needing to stay in one specific area.

This leads to the first point you should consider when looking at loading dock ramps which is its ability to be portable. Mobile loading dock ramps have wheels in order to be portable, so it’s important to note just how often you will need to move the ramp itself. If you plan on moving it once or twice, you can get away with a cheaper ramp that sits lower to the ground but your best bet would be to get a ramp with wheels if you anticipate having to move it multiple times.

The second thing you should consider when buying a loading dock ramp is the material its made from. Loading dock ramps can be made of either aluminum or steel, which serve different purposes. Steel ramps are a lot more reliable and can hold much more weight than aluminum ramps and provide an overall better and safer way of usage considering its abilities.

The third and final important thing to look at when buying a loading dock ramp is the length of the ramp. There are two types of loading dock ramps: straight ramp or level off. Level off ramps are longer and do not have to be moved as much as straight ramps considering their length. Straight ramps are generally cheaper because they aren’t as long as level off ramps however, straight ramps require more movement and labor.

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