Cause Every Time We Rust, I Get This Feeling

Why do yard ramps, as well as anything with metal, rust over time? Rust is a result of oxidation. Once these metals are exposed to the elements, including temperature changes, precipitation, and humidity, oxidation occurs and rust is formed. Rust is often expected on yard ramps after about three months after final production.

Steel is a combination of mainly iron and carbon, forming one of the strongest metals known to man. Rust is practically harmless, as long as it does not work completely through a piece of steel. If it does, however, we’d repair the yard ramp or take it out of circulation.

We work hard to evaluate the conditions of our yard ramps, whether it be for rent or for sale. We also take into consideration the age of the ramp as well as its structural condition. Some ramps may be rusty but are still able to endure the weight of other machines, whereas other ramps may need a bit of repair, or may need a missing mobility device. No matter the kind/age of a ramp, we can assure you that you will have nothing but the best for all your project needs. For more