10 Safety Tips for Using a Mobile Yard Ramp

Mobile Yard Ramps are useful when unloading heavy loads, without the need for a permanent dock bay. Mobile yard ramps often come with safety features such as wheel chocks and safety chains. However, it is never too careful to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some safety tips for using a mobile yard ramp:

Pay attention to mobile yard ramps:

  1. Mobile yard ramps are constructed of steel and designed to support heavy loads. One of the key elements when using a mobile yard ramp is to know its limit and never exceed its maximum loading capacity.
  2. Make sure to check the yard ramp conditions regularly. Regular checks should include the wheels, legs, deck surface and lip plate. Must immediately repair any damage before further use.
  3. Make sure to use hydraulic operation to check the level of the hydraulic fluid on yard ramps to prevent the leak of hydraulic fluid.
  4. The lip plate of the mobile yard ramp must be securely connected to the rear of the container or truck. Make sure to attach the safety chains to prevent any movement.
  5. Make sure to use chocks to prevent the yard ramp moving when unloading heavy loads.

Pay attention to road and weather conditions:

  1. Be aware of adverse weather conditions such as frost and ice, make sure to be extra careful when using a mobile yard ramp.
  2. Never use mobile yard ramps on a slope. Do not extend the mobile yard ramp above its specified safe operating height.
  3. Drive at a safe speed when towing the mobile yard ramp to a new location. Driving the ramp over bumps or driving at an excessive speed can cause damage to the ramp legs.
  4. Never use the mobile yard ramp to enter the back of the container when the forklift truck is in operation.
  5. Never use a mobile yard ramp on grass even if the ground seems firm. The ground beneath the mobile yard ramp must be solid.

Here at Medlin Ramps, we guarantee to evaluate every mobile yard ramp’s conditions carefully before putting it to use. We have highly trained professionals and workers that can use mobile yard ramps safely and securely. Our workers and clients safety is our priority. Visit Medlin Ramps to learn more about renting or buying a mobile yard ramp safely.