Three Types of Loading Bay Equipment You Need

In a warehouse or any other business that requires deliveries, there are certain types of equipment that will do wonders for your work. In this type of industry, focusing on quicker, more efficient, and safer ways to unload and load is what is necessary. These include mobile yard ramps, scissor lifts, and dock levelers.

Mobile Yard Ramps

Although not all warehouses are big enough to implement a docking area, attaining a mobile yard ramp will be a great alternative. Without a ramp, pallets will have to be arranged in a container. These heavy pallets will also be stacked high, which makes them very difficult to move in a small space manually.

A fantastic solution would be a mobile yard ramp, these can be moved from one location to another easily. The mobile yard ramp will be placed behind the lorry or the container. Then, a forklift will be utilized in order to remove the materials. 

Through this method, you will be saving a lot of time due to the quick use of a forklift. You will also make your workspace safer since manual lifting will not be needed. This eliminates possible accidents and harmful risks.

A mobile yard ramp can either be rented or purchased. If you need a permanent remedy, purchasing will be the best solution as you will be saving more money, since you won’t be spending on transportation costs. If you need a yard ramp only for a short period of time, renting one would be the most sensible option.

Here at Medlin Ramps, we offer versatile options for our mobile yard ramps. Ours are customizable and you can either buy or rent one. We offer new and used ramps, we are happy to offer our customers all types of options. Call us at 877-4-MEDLIN for more information.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts, also called table lifts, only take minimal space inside of your warehouse. Although when they are fully extended, they can reach up to 18.2 meters long. The way they function is by pushing a platform up by pulling together crisscrossing supports.

Scissor lifts are used by loading pallets onto them by using a forklift or pallet truck and then using the scissor lift to raise materials onto a higher level platform. This prevents spilling liquids or the breaking of fragile objects.

This piece of equipment is essential for preventing manual lifting. This surely will allow your warehouse to perform more efficiently. It’s good to know that there are both mobile and stationary versions of them.

Dock Levelers

When you want to unload from a truck onto a dock, sometimes there is a significant difference between the level of both of them, making unloading an unruly hassle. That’s why the use of dock levelers is at times inevitable. Dock levelers will be adjusted to the level of the vehicle. This will allow quick unloading and loading with a pallet truck or forklift.

If you are looking to improve the system in your warehouse or business, implement mobile yard ramps, scissor lifts, and dock levelers to them and you will notice great differences.