10 Safety Tips for Using a Mobile Yard Ramp!

While using a mobile yard ramp is quick, easy and efficient, it’s always good to have some safety ti

ps in mind for any type of equipment. Here are 10 safety tips for using a mobile yard ramp.

  1. Even if the ground appears to be level, always use chocks to prevent the ramp from moving while unloading. Never use the mobile yard ramp on a slope!
  2. While mobile yards ramps are meant to carry heavy loads, please be sure not to exceed their maximum capacity.
  3. Be weary of slippery and snowy weather conditions when operating.
  4. Avoid using mobile yard ramps on grass. Make sure the ground beneath you is solid, idea
    lly tarmac or concrete.
  5. Drive at a safe speed when operating yard ramps or any heavy machinery for that matter. Potholes can be a huge danger to you, your legs and the equipment being used.
  6. Always attach the safety chains to prevent movement between the ramp and the truck.
  7. Never use the mobile yard ramp to enter the back of the lorry or container when the forklift is in operation.
  8. Be sure to check for rusting. Though rusting isnt a big threat, it’s always good to ma
    ke sure things are up and running smoothly before serious operations.
  9. Always check for hydraulic fluid leaks.
  10. Do not extend the ramp past its recommended height max.

Using a mobile yard ramp should never be difficult, especially with these safety tips at hand.