Yard Ramp Safety Measures

The most important things to note when using Medlin Yard Ramps are the various precautions a person should take to ensure both their own safety and the safety of the ramp itself. Yard ramps come with built in safety features like safety chains and wheel chocks, but this is not the end all be all on the safety front.

Medlin yard ramps are made of steel and are capable of holding great amounts of weight, it’s important to pay attention to the maximum weight a ramp can hold. Exceeding this weight could be dangerous and could potentially cause a horrible accident. The surrounding area and weather are also important factors in the precautions that should be taken when using a yard ramp. It’s imperative that a yard ramp is set on even concrete or tarmac ground. Placing a yard ramp on grass should never be attempted, even if the ground looks firm or solid. If the weather has recently been snowy or rainy, make sure to check the ground for wet spots or ice. These spots could cause the yard ramp to slip once things are loaded onto them.

Depending on where the yard ramp is stored, it could be at risk for rust or hydraulic fluid leaks. Always check for rust or leaks before using a yard ramp. Failing to notice these could result in the breaking of the ramp or an unfortunate user mishap.

At Medlin Ramps, we take safety as a priority. We dedicate our time to making sure you get the best possible steel ramp for your business. Please call us at 877-4-MEDLIN for more information.