Combatting Hydraulic Failure

Hydraulic systems are used to power our everyday life. Used in vehicles, forklifts, NASA equipment and even construction, hydraulic systems used pressurized fluids to power engines. Large amounts of power that is generated through the pressure of small amounts of fluid, is used to force against a piston on the opposite side. This allows for transfer of energy to the piston, which then forces something, like a ramp, to be lifted. As you can probably tell already, dealing with hydraulic failure would be a pain. Not only is it extremely expensive to cover but hydraulic systems also have many fragile parts that damage easily which can worsen hydraulic failure very easily. For example, if the operator is driving a forklift on a ramp with a weak capacity, all while the wheels are making contact with the ground, seal leakage or hydraulic failure is bound to happen. This leads to a lot of down time and costly repairs meaning lots of money will be lost.

The best way to combat hydraulic failure is with Medlin Ramps’ two speed manual crank system. It is far more superior and has been globally popular with trailer adjustments. Medlin Ramps has fortunately incorporated this system into their ramps, giving customers and operators the best service possible, stress free of any hydraulic failures. It’s very durable, safe and reliable and gives operators the confidence of going years without having to worry about maintenance. This two speed manual crank system only requires a little beat of grease twice a year making it a worry free and easy system to get by. This also allows operators to easily raise, lower and transport with the ramps a lot easier than it would normally be. Medlin Ramps’ has conducted many hours of destructive testing to ensure that this crank system is the best way to combat hydraulic failure.