Used Yard Ramps For Sale

Used Yard Ramps For Sale

If you would prefer a yard ramp in good condition, but for a cheaper price, the Medlin used yard ramp is a perfect purchase for you. We have both used stationary yard ramps and used mobile yard ramps available for sale. Again, both the stationary and mobile used yard ramps get the job done, but for not as high of a cost. The used yard ramps, whether stationary or mobile, are available from 16k to 40k. All ramps come in Medlin’s safety red color.


Call us today to see the range of ramps available, sizes and specifications. At the same time, you can also customize widths and lengths to make a perfect fit for your facility and any specific needs or challenges. 

Elite Series 1
Elite Series 2

Got Access?

No ground access? No problem. The Medlin used yard ramp provides you with safe and reliable access from ground to dock.

Living in a Material world?

A serrated grating surface has proven the most reliable all-weather traction available. This grating also prevents unwanted build-up of derby. We use heavy duty carbon steel channel framing. At each end of the ramp, we provide a diamond plate surface to allow a smooth transition from ground to container.

Have you ever used…

Have you ever used a used yard ramp? If not, you’re definitely going to find a solution for your logistic problem. If you need a cheaper alternative for a yard ramp and want to use the ramp at a preferred location, purchase a used stationary yard ramp and start maximizing the full potential of your facility. Or if you need to use a used yard ramp at more than one location at your facility, a used mobile yard ramp will get the job done!

Your Options Matter

Medlin ramps come with the following options: We offer extended curbs for variation for abnormal wheel height. Medlin can provide handrails allowing your stationary ramp or mobile yard ramp to become a personnel walk ramp. All our products come with Safety red for high visibility. We also offer custom paint as well. For mobile yard ramps specifically, we have off road wheels for nonpaved surfaces.

Design For Your Dime?

Stationary Yard Ramps: We have designed our ramp to work when you do. We build each ramp to maximize your operation. With budget in mind, a steel stationary ramp is an obvious solution versus a concrete approach ramp. A concrete ramp has 4 major downfalls:

  • You must obtain permits
  • High construction cost
  • Long construction times
  • Nonresalable asset

Mobile Yard Ramps: Hydraulic failure is not a concern with a Medlin yard ramp mobile. We have designed our ramp to work when you do.  We use a 2-speed manual crank system to raise and lower the ramp. This system has been proven in the trucking industry for decades. Your operator safety is guaranteed with our traction surface and our quick style safety chain design. Our standard ramp features 4) 3×8 Iron Core poly wheels for easy mobility.

Advanced Products

Medlin Ramps manufacturing facilities are located in CA, NM, and NC. We process a massive tonnage of materials to produce a wide range of products, both stocked and custom:

  • Steel Dock Boards
  • Portable Yard Ramps
  • Stationary Yard Ramps
  • Approach Ramps
  • Rail Boards
  • Portable Loading Docks
  • Portable Dock & Ramp Combo
  • Order Picker Platforms


Mark Medlin, CEO

Looking to sell a yard ramp?

Do you have a yard ramp not needed anymore? Want to sell your used yard ramp?

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Looking to sell a yard ramp?

Do you have a yard ramp not needed anymore? Want to sell your used yard ramp?

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