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GET PRICINGDock Board Full (DBF)

Medlin Ramps is the second largest steel dock board manufacturer in the US. Moving product in and out of your container is a snap with a Medlin steel dock board. We feature heavy duty diamond plate with through welded curbs for superior strength. Use the lifting loops to easily move your dock board to the desired location. Capacities from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds are available.

Part Number Specs Price
15K DBF156060
Width= 60" | Length= 60" | Weight= 536
Width= 60" | Length= 72" | Weight= 611
Width= 60" | Length= 84" | Weight= 750
Width= 72" | Length= 60" | Weight= 600
Width= 72" | Length= 72" | Weight= 685
Width= 72" | Length= 84" | Weight= 826
20K DBF206060
Width= 60" | Length= 60" | Weight= 599
Width= 60" | Length= 72" | Weight= 680
Width= 60" | Length= 84" | Weight= 675
Width= 72" | Length= 60" | Weight= 743
Width= 72" | Length= 72" | Weight= 791
Width= 72" | Length= 84" | Weight= 906
Steel Only | Surface: Diamond Plate | Side Curbs: Standard | Lifting Chains: Standard

Got Access?
No access to your containers? No problem. The Medlin dock board is the best solution to access your containers when expensive dock levelers and edge of docks are not present.

Have you ever used...
Have you ever used a dock board? if not you are definitely going to find a solution for your logistic problem. Simply place the dock board on the container and your ready to move your product.

OSHA Says, "What?"
OSHA says employee safety is to be the number one concern at any company. Medlin Ramps has been designing with the OSHA philosophy since the beginning of our company. Our dock board design allows your employee to safely and securely access your containers. All dock boards meet or exceed all OSHA and ANSI standards.

Living in a Material world?
Medlin always uses heavy duty steel diamond plate, along with welded side curbs for security and safety for loading and unloading. With a variety of designs we are sure to have the right dock board for your application.

Your Options Matter
Medlin dock boards come with the following:
standard lifting loops, and side curbs.
Custom sizes, color and capacities are available upon request.

Design for your dime?
We have designed our dock boards to work when you do. We build each dock board to maximize your operation, with budget in mind a dock board is an obvious solution verses hand trucks and multiple personnel. Using anything besides our Medlin dock board may cause too much time and money.

We the Manufacturer...
Medlin Ramps has been manufacturing the material handling industry for 20 years. Our dock board is designed for longevity and return on your investment. Medlin's research and development team has produced the finest products to with stand the toughest environment and operations.

Warranties...not Whammys
Our Medlin Ramps manufacturer warranties against defects of materials and workmanship under normal use for 90 days after the date of shipment. Any part that is determined by the manufacturer to be defective in material or workmanship and returned to the factory, shipping costs prepaid, will be, as the exclusive remedy, repaired or replaced at our option. Medlin’s labor costs for warranty repairs and/or modifications are not covered unless done at manufacturer’s facilities or pre-approved in advance by the manufacturer. Any modifications performed without written approval of the manufacturer may void warranty. This limited warranty gives you the purchaser specific legal rights which may vary from state to state. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Our manufacturer’s liability in any event is limited to, and shall not exceed, the purchase price paid. Misuse or modification may void warranty. Warranty does not cover labor or consequential damages including, but not limited to, business interruption costs, lost profits, or lost business opportunities.