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What Are Yard Ramps Used For, Anyway?


los angeles yard rampsIf you or your company doesn’t own a yard ramp, there is a chance you are unfamiliar with them. Good thing we know all about yard ramps. These durable, carbon steel ramps provide a utility that is really only matched by their concrete counterparts. The only downside to concrete is that it needs to be constructed, costs a lot, and is a permanent structure. Yard ramps on the other hand, only need to be shipped to you.

Material Handling

In simplest terms, yard ramps are for material handling. They provide the solution when there is no ground access from the dock. Forklifts can travel up and down them carrying pallets of materials to their next destination. Yard ramps are perfect for the business that handles some material, but not a lot. They are also useful for businesses who handle a ton of material and go through peak periods where additional loading sites are needed. The versatility of the yard ramp is really what makes it so useful.

Substitute for Concrete Loading Ramp

Yard ramps are commonly used as a substitute for concrete loading ramps and loading bays. Not every company has the need for a permanent concrete loading ramp. First, they take up a lot of space which is a premium in the Los Angeles area. Second, building a concrete ramp costs a lot of money. A yard ramp is a much more fiscally conservative approach to accomplish the same task. Finally, a concrete ramp is a permanent structure, meaning it isn’t really an asset to your business should you decide to move. You can take yard ramps with you or even sell them to another business.

So if you are looking for a reliable, affordable solution to handle material, a yard ramp is a perfect solution. Medlin’s ramps come is a multiple widths and capacities, allowing you to find the ramp that meets your business’s needs. We can even provide a custom built ramp if your needs aren’t quite matching with our standard yard ramps.

For more information about purchasing or renting yard ramps in Los Angeles, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.