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Yard Ramps: Manual Crank System or Hydraulic


Stationary Yard Ramps 15When it comes to the world of yard ramps, there really aren’t that many features that are differentiated upon. For example, the useable width, length, capacities, and ramp surface can all vary based on who you are purchasing a yard ramp from. But most of that is a personal preference or need from the customer.

However, there is one glaring difference in yard ramps that comes with some debate. Should you get a yard ramp with a manual crank system or a hydraulic system?

Both the manual crank system and hydraulic system are designed to raise and lower the ramp.

Manual Crank System

Medlin Ramps uses a 2 speed manual crank system on our mobile yard ramps. The reason we use the manual crank system is because of its proven dependence. The trucking industry has been using this system for decades. In fact, the world has been using the crank system since ancient Roman times.

While our systems have become a bit more durable and advanced, the same basic principles hold true. Our crank systems do not break down and can be counted on for single-operator usage all the time.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic systems are also simple in terms of their principles. Force is applied at one point and then transmitted to another point using some form of fluid. The fluid used is typically oil. The force is usually multiplied in the process, making it easy for the operator.

However, hydraulic systems have a tendency to fail. Despite their simplicity in nature, there are quite a lot of moving parts that have to be operating properly in order for the hydraulic system to work. There are pumps, valves, reservoirs, filters, tubes, seals, actuators, and more. Any break in one of those areas and the hydraulic system will fail. Unfortunately some of those components are not very durable which makes breaking easy. For example, it is very easy for seals to break. These watertight seals can’t let any fluid escape or else the hydraulic system will lose its ability to raise and lower a ramp.

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