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A Guide to Variety- Any Yard Ramp for all Circumstances

A yard ramp has many different functions, but there are also some with a specific intention and/or function kept in mind. These would be very useful if you’re repeatedly loading the same product that always needs the same kind of method. Here’s a list of the different kinds of ramps that are out there and their uses.

High Capacity: Generally considered high capacity steel yard ramp varietyto be the more "heavy-duty" ramps, high capacity yard ramps are able to hold much heavier material than other kinds, but they are not as convenient in terms of portability. This is simply due to the fact that high capacity ramps are heavy and made of steel for extra durability. The capacity is generally between 60,000 and 100,000 pounds, and they tend to be much wider than other yard ramps as well which allows for the transport of much larger objects that may need a forklift.


Ground-to-Truck: A yard ramp created for transport bground to truck yard ramp varietyetween the ground and the vehicle usually comes with a bevel at the end which levels off. This makes it much easier to transport fairly heavy materials to the flatter surfaces of any ground or floors.




Dock-to-Ground: Thedock to ground yard ramp circumstancese are also more ideal for the use of a forklift. Transport between the storage building and vehicle is much easier using this setup, and it’s the ideal situation in which you would want to use this kind of yard ramp.




Ramps with Casters: Casters are constructecaster yard ramp circumstanced out of steel, for added durability of course, which make these kinds of ramps very accessible and convenient when it comes to portability. However, the trade-off for this feature is a lower capacity for transporting materials, as they are usually much smaller than other ramps in both length and width.



Hopefully you were able to get a more in-depth look at the different types of yard ramps out there and their purposes. If you’re interested in purchasing a yard ramp, we at Medlin Ramps are more than able to supply you with whatever kind you need, no matter the circumstance.