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What Is A Rail Board?


The world of material handling can be quite confusing for an outside, and sometimes even for insiders. There are a number of pieces of equipment that are used for pulling, pushing, transferring, and just about every other movement related verb. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a more obscure piece of equipment known as the rail board.


The purpose of a rail board is for use on all types of railway boxcars, hence the name “rail” board. This piece of equipment can be used on standard cars, refrigerated cars, and even special cars for lumber. Essentially the railboard allows easy passage from one boxcar to the next. So if you needed to move a pallet of goods from one railway boxcar, to the one behind it, you could use a rail board to move across the boxcar instead of unloading and reloading it.


Typically, these are custom designed and built to match specific docking conditions. They are constructed from welded steel and have a large range of capacities, making them suitable for a variety of uses. There are generally two types of shapes available, a rectangular or flared designed. The flared designed has one end larger than the other.


For ease of use and placement, many rail boards are manufactured with lifting loops that fold into recessed pockets when not in use. The lifting loops are perfect for a forklift to pick up the rail board and move it to where it is needed. For safety purposes locking rings are included with some rail boards in order to prevent the rail board from shifting or moving during use.


Material handling is an essential part of our everyday lives, whether you are directly involved with it or not. Choosing proper material handling products is paramount to the safety of employees and products.


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