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What Is A Pallet Rack?


pallet and rackThe material handling industry has a lot of heavy duty tools to help manage, store, and move pallets of products on a daily basis. You might be familiar with loading docks, pallets, and forklifts but there are a handful of other useful tools you may not be so familiar with. Today, let’s talk about one that is pivotal when managing a large quantity of storage. We’re talking about the pallet rack.

Simply put, a pallet rack is a solution for material handling storage. It is specifically designed to store materials on pallets. This way, the pallet doesn’t even have to be broken down for storage. You can just move and store the entire pallet.

Pallet racking, or the process of storing these pallets, comes in many different varieties but all types follow the storage pattern of placing pallets into horizontal rows with multiple levels. One of the keys to pallet racking is the use of forklift trucks. Pallet racking requires the use of a forklift to move, place, and load the pallets on the pallet rack. We’ve been using this system of storage since the second World War. Almost every single warehouse, distribution facility, and manufacturing facility utilizes pallet racks.

Pallet racks consists of a number of components to form their structure, sturdiness, and use. Things such as load beams, upright frames, braces, supports, timber or wire decking, footplates, shims, spacers, wall ties, column protectors, and guard rails are all common components. All of these have a role in creating support for the pallet rack or creating some form of space divider for organizational purposes.

Additionally, some pallet racks may have unique components depending on the use. For example the structural mounting clips may vary depending on if the pallet rack is made to adjust row heights quickly. Drive-in pallet rack systems are deeper than normal pallet racks so that a forklift can “drive in” multiple rows of pallets. This allows them to set one pallet in front of the other. Similarly, a push back pallet rack system allows for one pallet to push another pallet back, further into storage. These racks have a forward-backward rolling system. Another type of rolling system moves left and right to form a pallet flow lane.

As you can tell, the simple pallet rack has come a long way in terms of its functionality and customizability.

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