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Safety Equipment For Yard Ramps: 3 Suggestions


yard ramp safetyAt Medlin Ramps, we put safety first. Safety is paramount when manufacturing heavy duty material handling solutions. It should also be paramount when using material handling solutions. Having an employee miss time due to a workplace accident isn’t only bad for morale, it’s just not fair to the employee either. If you must look at it from a business perspective, it’s bad too. Loss of productivity and insurance needs to cover a workman’s comp claim. Preventative measures against accidents should always be at the forefront of your business.

If you are using yard ramps, here are three suggestions for safety equipment to use.

Guard Rails

Guard rails are absolutely essential in warehouses where forklifts and yard ramps are used. Guard rails provide security in multiple ways. First, it can serve as a reminder for people entering the material handling area to keep an eye out for forklifts and other material handling solutions that may be engaging in work. Second, it can protect office areas that share space with the warehouse. The guard rail can serve as a barrier between a forklift and the office walls. Nothing says “Monday” quite like a forklift accidentally being backed through a thin sheet of office drywall. Prevent that and protect your employees’ safety by installing guard rails.

Door Track Guards

Another great piece of safety equipment when using yard ramps is a door track guard. These posts protect warehouse door tracks by wrapping around them. This way you can’t accidently run a forklift or angle a yard ramp into the door track. Those fragile tracks allow for access to your warehouse so it is best if they are in superb working condition. Even the slightest crease, bend, or dent can make using the roll-up door difficult or impossible.

Safety Chains

Finally, safety chains are another great piece of safety equipment when using a yard ramp. These safety chains allow you to secure your yard ramp to the dock or trailer that you need access to. If the ramp is unsecure, you run the risk of the ramp being pulled away from the dock or trailer leaving a very dangerous gap for a forklift driver or employee to pass over.

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