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Product Highlight: Dock Board

Here at Medlin Ramps, we make a lot of different products – everything from jib booms to order picker platforms to, well, ramps.  It's right there in our name, after all!  In today's blog post, we are going to feature one of our Old Reliables – the dock board. Perfect for a variety of logistical applications, the dock board is ... Read More »

When to Use a Work Platform Instead of Scaffolding

There are many jobs that require workers to ply their trade many stories up, and traditionally, scaffolding has been the industry go-to.  After all, scaffolding was good enough to build the Pyramids and was even used by our Paleolithic ancestors to paint the ceilings of caves – it has served us a long time, so why change things up? Well, ... Read More »

What’s the Difference Between a Man Basket and a Work Platform?

Man basket If you work in logistics, construction, or another industry that regularly involves elevated work areas, you are probably familiar with man baskets and work platforms.  When you need to get up in the air, but a ladder or scaffolding won't do, these are your go-to pieces of equipment.  Just hook them up to a forklift, attach the safety ... Read More »

Yard Ramp for Sale

Yard Ramp for Sale is your last stop to fix an ongoing access problem. If your job requires plenty of loading and unloading of containers, but you don't have a loading dock, you are most likely familiar with the need for yard ramps.  What you may not know is that there is a lot of misinformation out there swirling around ... Read More »

Used Mobile Yard Ramp

Used Mobile Yard Ramp is an inexpensive way to accomplish you loading and unloading container needs. Yard ramps can be found in shipping yards, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse stores throughout the world. Their use is wide-spread and invaluable.  Before the invention of yard ramps, workers were stuck loading materials off-and-on to trucks by hand, costing employer's time and money, along with exposing ... Read More »

Product Spotlight: Jib Booms

The term “Jib Boom” dates back to the early 1800’s when sailors would attach booms to ships in order to offload cargo. While booms are still used on commercial ships to move cargo to and fro, there are smaller applications for which a jib boom can come in handy. Typically, jib booms in manufacturing are seen on forklifts and small ... Read More »

Agricultural Applications for Forklift Accessories

Agriculture has a great need for efficient handling practices.  Here are just a few ways that equipment handling products can go to work on your farm. Dock Boards: Dock boards are perfect ways to move things between two high areas.  Whether it’s between two farm trailers, or to be able to cross a deep spot in a road or path ... Read More »

Medlin Ramps Work Platforms

Medlin Ramps has been the premier manufacturer of safety cages and work platforms on the west coast for over 20 years. With employee safety as the highest priority, Medlin Ramps has designed all of their platforms to meet or exceed all Cal/OSHA and Ansi requirements. We understand that confidence in your material handling products to be safe and durable is ... Read More »

Medlin Ramps Dock Board Blowout Extravaganza

dock boards los angeles

Great news indeed! Well it’s the annual Medlin Ramps Dock Board Blowout Extravaganza. All Medlin dock boards are being sold at incredibly low prices. Dock boards are an absolute must have for any import and export warehouse application where no edge of dock or dock levelers are present. One of the advantages of a dock board is that they are ... Read More »

Welcome To Our New Website!

Hey thanks for checking out are new website. I think our web team has really nailed it! I want to start off by saying as a Medlin product designer, how proud I am to a part of a great team that is always looking for better ways to improve our products. Medlin Ramps has been fabricating order picker platforms for ... Read More »