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The Medlin Ramps Story

Medlin Ramps is a premier source of material handling solutions such as mobile yard ramps, yard ramps, trailer spotters, man baskets, and much more. But there is so much more behind the serrated steel than meets the eye. The Medlin Ramps story begins in 1991.   Don Medlin founded Medlin Ramps in 1991 with a personal belief that the customer ... Read More »

The Color of Safety: Red Yard Ramps v. Yellow

Every company has a reason for using a specific color for its products. This is especially true when it comes to industrial equipment. For example, a certain farm company makes all of its farming products green to match their brand standards. Additionally a major construction company makes all of its backhoes and bulldozers yellow.   Whether you are familiar with ... Read More »

Basic Components of Stationary Yard Ramps

Stationary yard ramps are very simple pieces of equipment. However, they provide a very crucial job which is why it is important to understand the differing components of one. Stationary yard ramps do not have too many components, as opposed to their mobile counterparts. However, even understanding these few components could be the key to having a safe work environment ... Read More »

Basic Components of Mobile Yard Ramps

A mobile yard ramp is a relatively simple piece of equipment. However, it has a lot of different components that you may be unaware of. Understanding each component and its function will help to you to better understand the equipment you are using. Having a better understanding of the equipment you are using creates a safer work environment.   Ramp ... Read More »

Yard Ramp Basics: What Is Usable Width?

Today we’re going to focus on the basics. More specifically, we’re going to focus on the basics of yard ramps and mobile yard ramps. Yard ramps are a common, convenient, and suitable alternative for permanent docking bays. They offer companies that don’t have the need for a permanent bay to still ship and receive large quantities of goods.   At ... Read More »

Why Options Matter In Your Yard Ramp

  Generally in life, options are a good thing. For example, having the option to sit in the aisle on an airplane or being able to choose what toppings you want on your pizza. Options are good. When it comes to industrial equipment, options are still a good thing.   Purchasing industrial equipment is a huge financial decision for your ... Read More »

How Mobile Ramps Save You Time

Mobile yard ramps are made with efficiency in mind. They are perfect for companies that don’t have a permanent loading dock. Mobile yard ramps offer the best, state of the art solution. One of the best benefits of mobile yard ramps is their ability to save time. How exactly can a mobile yard ramp save time?   Mobility Equals Flexibility ... Read More »

How a Yard Ramp Maximizes Accessibility

For companies that don’t use them on a regular basis, permanent docking bays can actually be a hindrance to business. These immobile bays offer limited options in terms of loading and unloading trucks.   If your business does deal with shipments one great alternative to permanent docking bays are yard ramps. Yard ramps are extremely durable ramps that provide access ... Read More »

Why Serrated Steel Is Best In Yard Ramps

Yard ramps allow companies that do not have permanent ramps to still send and receive shipments. Often times docks do not have ground access which makes it almost impossible to efficiently transfer goods to and from the truck to the warehouse. Yard ramps provide the solution to such situations. Yard ramps are extremely durable, made from heavy duty carbon serrated ... Read More »

What types of businesses need yard ramps?

Yard ramps are an affordable alternative to the commonly used concrete loading dock. Loading docks allow businesses to ship and receive huge quantities of raw materials and goods. However, erecting a concrete loading dock is costly, takes time, and is a permanent fixture. Stationary yard ramps provide the same utility as a concrete loading dock, without the cost, time constraints, ... Read More »