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Los Angeles Yard Ramps and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are a part of our world. They end in heartache and destruction but they often show us the compassion that humanity has. Hurricane Katrina showed how an entire city could unite to rebuild and support those who lost everything. When a community survives such a horrific disaster, relief and rebuilding must begin to help get the city back ... Read More »

Los Angeles Yard Ramp Equipment Rental vs. Ownership: Pros & Cons

Deciding if your company should rent or own equipment is not a decision that you can typically make on a whim. Every company’s situation will be different but there are some general things to consider when debating between your two options. To help you with your decision-making process, we’ve outline some pros and cons of renting versus owning your own ... Read More »

Los Angeles Yard Ramp Transportation

One of the things in the transactional process that is rarely considered by most customers, is how our yard ramps get to them. Obviously the concern is about the ramp itself along with how much it costs. Nevertheless, we feel it is important to provide transparency to our operations and give you an idea of how we transport the yard ... Read More »

Product Spotlight: Load Backrests In Los Angeles

Every so often, we like to take some time out to spotlight one of our products. Today, we’re going to look at one of our lesser known, but incredibly important products known as the load backrest. If you have ever been witness to the paralyzing site of a pallet falling off the backend of the forklift, you need a load ... Read More »

The Medlin Difference: Our Full Circle Sales Process

At Medlin Ramps, we’ve doing business the only way we know how since we started in 1991. Our founder, Don Medlin, believed that the “customer is king” and used this approach to lead Medlin Ramps to be the leading material handling solutions manufacturer since its inception. We have used this most basic of mindsets to help customers in all sorts ... Read More »

Yard Ramps for Los Angeles Businesses

If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area and are in need of yard ramps, you’re in luck. Medlin Ramps has been the leading material handling solutions manufacturer in the US since 1991. Medlin Ramps also happens to be in your background. There is a very good chance that if your Los Angeles business needs a docking bay, you don’t ... Read More »

Why a Crank System Is Better Than Hydraulic In A Yard Ramp

For those ready to invest in a mobile yard ramp, you may be comparing the various aspects of competing products. Price, specs, and durability will all be major factors in your purchasing decision. However, another factor should be incorporated into the top of your decision making list. In order to raise and lower, mobile ramps employ typically one of two ... Read More »

Questions to Ask When Buying Yard Ramps

Purchasing a yard ramp for your company is no simple feat. While investing in one is cheaper than building a concrete dock, it is still a relatively expensive investment. Your goal should be to find a quality yard ramp that fits your businesses needs and your budgetary needs. What are the rest of the specifications? One of the most important ... Read More »

Questions to Ask When Buying Man Baskets

If your company is in the market for a man basket, you understand that it is a pretty unique process. It’s not as simple as purchasing more printing paper from your office supplier or buying a gift card on Amazon. Buying a man basket for your business does and should take research. You want to make sure you find the ... Read More »

The Medlin Ramps Story

Medlin Ramps is a premier source of material handling solutions such as mobile yard ramps, yard ramps, trailer spotters, man baskets, and much more. But there is so much more behind the serrated steel than meets the eye. The Medlin Ramps story begins in 1991.   Don Medlin founded Medlin Ramps in 1991 with a personal belief that the customer ... Read More »