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What To Look For In Quality Pallet Racks


pallet racking los angelesThe material handling industry is filled with material storing and moving products. The problem is, not all material handling equipment is created equal. Some may be more useful than others and some are a much lower quality than others. The issue in terms of quality comes into play when you take into account your employees’ safety. Pro tip; you should always be taking your employees’ safety into account.

One common piece of equipment you’ll find in the material handling industry is the pallet rack. This material handling storage solution allows your company to store and organize product without breaking down the pallet. There are actually a number of different types of pallet racks ranging from standard pallet racks to drive-in pallet racks, push back pallet racks, and more. All serve to store material, albeit in there own ways.

With so much variety it can be difficult to determine what constitutes a quality pallet rack. We’ll cover the basics for what to look for in quality pallet racks.


To start, always find out who manufactured the pallet rack. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures that you can find information such as materials used in the build, testing done, and more. Finding a manufacturer with a long track record of producing quality products is a must when purchasing your pallet rack. While buying from a reseller can be fine, you also subject yourself to manufacturers from all over the world, many of whom may not manufacturer to the same standards required in the United States.

Steel Grade

Another vital piece of information to consider when purchasing a pallet rack is the steel grade. You’ll want to understand the grade steel that was used to construct the individual elements of your pallet rack. There are a lot of readily available steel grades however the frames for racking often need a better steel than that used for something like steel beams. High grade steel isn’t available in all countries, so it is important to find out where your rack was manufactured.

Yield Strength

Yield strength is another factor to consider when looking for a quality pallet rack. Essentially, the yield strength determines the behavior of a racking element after the load has been removed. This can come in the form of elastic or residual deformation. An elastic deformation is can return to its original shape and size after deformation occurs from racking. Residual deformation, on the other hand, cannot recover to its original shape.

Anticorrosion Protection

Finally, you should consider anticorrosive protection measures used on the pallet rack and its pieces. Corrosion can eat away at your rack if it is not properly protected, leading to the eventual degradation of the pallet rack. Some Asian manufacturers also use lead paint or power to finish the pallet rack. Unfortunately this is dangerous if used in conjunction with the material handling of food, beverages, or pharmaceuticals. Scratches on the lead paint pallet rack during use can create harmful particles of lead to enter the consumable products.

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