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Forklift Ramps vs. Loading Ramps

Last time we compared aluminum yard ramps to steel ramps. We looked at purpose, portability, convenience, and accessibility. This time, we’ll be taking a look at similar points with other types of yard ramps- forklift ramps and loading ramps.


Forklift Ramps

Forklift ramps are often mobile, much more mobile than loading ramps. A single person can often operate a forklift ramp and load vehicles or materials fairly quickly. The main appeal of a forklift ramp is the ability to save time, and portability is what allows for this. Usually, a forklift ramp is costlier than a loading ramp, but for obviously good reason- convenience. They’re also created with durability kept in mind, so there’s less of a trade-off for the extra portability provided. Depending on what kind you may purchase, the assembly/disassembly of a forklift ramp can be done without the use of tools. Other ramps may require the need for tools as well.Forklift-Ramp

Adjustability is what makes a forklift ramp so useful. Generally, they come with less moving parts that a hydraulic lift system would have, which can malfunction fairly easily. Forklift ramps instead come with landing jacks to keep more reliable functionality. There isn’t much need for anything else other than some grease on the landing jacks themselves.

Here at Medlin we consider safety to be one of the most important facets of our yard ramps. Forklift ramps, just like any other, can come with safety rails which are designed to be fit together in order to attain the maximum amount of strength when in use.


Loading Ramps

Loading ramps are used for loading onto vehicles such as trucks or vanloading-ramp-2s. Their main purpose is for the loading of vehicles themselves. For example, if you wanted to transport your motorcycle or ATV to a distant location, you would use a loading ramp as opposed to a regular yard ramp or forklift ramp.

While they are much smaller than forklift ramps which are used more for more conventional forms of loading, the size is what makes loading ramps very convenient as well. Some come as a full dock, while others are made to support each side of the vehicle separately. This would require proper set up in order to perfectly line up the ramps with the wheel themselves, but they are a more cost-effective option when compared to forklift or regular ramps. These can run from as low as $150 and higher, whereas forklift ramps can go from about $500 all the way past $1000 depending on the quality ramp you are looking for.

Although they have greatly differing purposes and functions, it still all comes down to what you want as the consumer. If you’re looking to load something as specific as a small vehicle, then you should consider buying a loading ramp. If you have more general, high-cost needs, but still want something that is more convenient than a conventional yard ramp, then go out and get yourself a forklift ramp. We hope this post was able to help you learn and consider the differences between the two in order for you to make an educated decision when buying a yard ramp. For more on yard ramps and anything loading-related, check out the rest of our site.