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Common Uses For A Work Platform


work platforms los angelesWork platforms are a commonly used piece of a equipment on a day-to-day basis. Before going into some of their common uses, let’s take a look at what a work platform actually is. The name itself can provide some clarity, as in its basic form, it is a platform that allows someone to do work.


Some work platforms comes in the form of a scissor lift, which allows workers to reach heights in outdoor spaces. They can also be set on articulating lifts and a number of other mechanism that allow them to reach heights. Our work platforms are ideal for multiple personnel to be elevated with a forklift or reach truck. Our work platforms come standard with 42 inch high steel handrails and an 84 in high mesh screen in the rear for safety.


Reaching Upper Warehouse Shelves


A common use for our work platforms to to reach those previously inaccessible places in warehouses. The platform allows works to access elevated areas within any type of facility with ease. A forklift driver only needs to drive the fork into the pockets in order to achieve liftoff. The two personnel platform allows a pair of workers to gather any needed items from storage areas off the workfloor.


Swapping Billboards


Another common use for work platforms is changing out billboards. You often notice a new billboard on your route to work, but what you rarely notice is the board actually being changed. This requires an individual or crew to peel down the original billboard and replace it with a new one. With the vast number of billboards out there and the frequent changing of creative, you can be sure that work platforms are heavily used when changes are needed.


Doing Electrical Line Work


Finally, work done to electrical lines is a very common use for a work platform. For some smaller jobs you may see bucket trucks lift a single worker to the electrical line. However, for more complex work, work platforms are used so that a team of more than one worker can repair and electrical issues within the power line.


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