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Common Uses For A Man Basket


man basket los angelesMan baskets are one of those things that you see around, check out while you have it in your sightline, and then soon forget about afterwards. What most people don’t realize, is just how useful and impactful man baskets are to daily lives.


Man baskets come in all sizes, shapes, and materials. At Medlin, our man baskets, or safety cages, are made from heavy duty carbon steel. They have a diamond plated floor with a 42 inch high hand rail and 4 inch toe guard. All of these aid in keeping the personnel safe while they are elevated in the air. There is also an 84 inch back screen to prevent any accidents.


As mentioned before, man baskets play a role in many people’s daily lives. The work that personnel performs in them indirectly impacts your life, whether you think so or not. Here are some common examples of what man baskets are used for.


Electrical Work


One of the common uses for man baskets is for work to electrical wiring. You’ll often see a bucket truck hoisting a man basket so that he is within working proximity of an electrical cable or transformer. This work is usually done to maintain or repair the electrical grid for the area. Man baskets provide an alternative to having a work climb the pole. While climbing the pole is still practiced, more complex jobs require a man basket.


Public Tree Trimming Work


Another common use for man baskets is trimming public trees. The grounds crew that maintains your neighborhood and grass along roads may also have to perform the trimming of trees that begin to grow to high or protrude too far. For example, some trees may encroach on the space of an electrical pole or its wires. In that situation the man basket is used so that a personnel member can trim the tree to remove it from interfering with the electrical equipment.




Finally, a common use for man baskets is in the construction industry. Man baskets can be used for a variety of tasks during construction that are not accessible from the ground. Man baskets play a pivotal role in allowing a construction worker to complete work in high areas, while remaining on stable ground (or rather, stable basket).


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