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Choosing the right steel yard ramp for your business

When thinking of buying a yard ramp for your business it is important to pick the right type, width, capacity and length to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Choosing the right steel yard ramp for your business

Below are some guidelines on choosing the correct type of yard ramp

  1. Choosing the type of yard ramp
  2. Portable / mobile yard ramps with wheels for loading/unloading trucks, vans and containers.
  3. Stationary yard ramps for dock access and semi-permanent.
  4. Choosing the right capacity for your yard ramp. The easiest guide is to take the capacity of your heaviest forklift and multiply that capacity by 3. The ramp capacity should be greater or equal to that number.
  5. How wide should your yard ramp be? a width of 84 inches is typically used to load/unload vans and containers. If you need dock access 70" width will normally do the job. The overall width should be related to your forklift. The width overall should total 15" more than your forklift or other equipment you are going to use on the ramp.
  6. How long should your yard ramp be? When loading vans and containers 36' is normally used. Typically 30' of incline and 6' leveling off to get the forklifts down when moving material.

Medlin specializes in custom orders to fit any businesses needs. If you need something custom we are the 2nd largest yard ramp manufacturer in the United States and can get it manufactured and shipped to you. Just give us a call or fill out the form n the right side of this page for more information.