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Choosing The Right Forklift Extensions For Your Business

Medlin Ramps – Choosing The Right Forklift Extensions For Your Business

Abnormally large pallets are tough to handle for forklifts with factory installed forks. Attempting to move these pallets can be dangerous as well as damaging; both of these situations can prove to be a nightmare for the warehouse staff. To avoid these costly mistakes, forklift extensions can be very useful tools. Not only will they solve both of these problems, but forklift extensions are a budget friendly alternative to purchasing entirely new forks.

When using forklift extensions, it is important to keep a few safety standards in mind. First, most fork extensions should measure up to as much as 1.5 times the original fork length. For example:


Original Fork Length: Maximum Forklift Extension Length:
32” 48”
36” 54”
42” 63”
48” 72”


Choosing The Right Forklift Extensions For Your BusinessSimilar to the length of the forks, the width should not be any more than ½ an inch wider than the width of the original forks. Another important safety standard to keep in mind when operating forklifts equipped with fork extensions is to make sure to never pick up the load with the tip of the extensions. Doing so is a major safety concern and can damage the materials that are being handled. Secure the load by keeping its center at or within half the length of the forklift extensions. For example, if you are using forklift extensions at a length of 63 inches, make sure the center of the load doesn’t exceed the middle point – 36 inches – of said extensions. Also, it is imperative to be wary of your load capacity; avoid overloading your forklift extensions. The further the loads are along the extensions, the lower the capacity weight of the forklift.


Forklift extensions are primarily designed to handle loads that are oversized and light. They should not be used for the purpose of reaching loads into the back or side of a truck to pick up product with the fork tips. “Tip-lifting” is an unsafe way to handle materials and can cause damage to a product. Forklift extensions should be professionally made, and should have a retainer on the forks. When professionally made, forklift


Overall, forklift extensions can come in very handy for dealing with oversized loads, and are a budget friendly alternative when compared to buying completely new forks. Forklift extensions must be made professionally to ensure the highest level of quality for safety reasons; cutting corners can turn into costly hazards that could violate safety protocols, which will negatively affect your overall business.


If you’re interested in high quality forklift extensions that are made with heavy duty steel, give us a call.