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Safety Equipment

Yard Ramp Safety Measures

Steel Yard Ramps 4 The most important things to note when using Medlin Yard Ramps are the various precautions a person should take to ensure both their own safety and the safety of the ramp itself. Yard ramps come with built in safety features like safety chains and wheel chocks, but this is not the end all be all on ... Read More »

Ramp Regulations

  A ramp, slope, or incline is defined as an angle that is over 10%, or about one foot rise for every foot of ramp. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has several rules regarding ramp standards. These rules are critical, as falling from ramps/platforms cause the majority of job site accidents. Here is a summary of the guidelines ... Read More »

Safety Equipment For Yard Ramps: 3 Suggestions

  At Medlin Ramps, we put safety first. Safety is paramount when manufacturing heavy duty material handling solutions. It should also be paramount when using material handling solutions. Having an employee miss time due to a workplace accident isn’t only bad for morale, it’s just not fair to the employee either. If you must look at it from a business ... Read More »