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Jib Booms

3 Great Jib Boom Explanatory Videos

Lifting equipment out of tight places can be quite the challenge. That is, unless you have a jib boom. Jib booms, also known as jib boom cranes have been in existence for a long time now but still have firm application in today’s society. Our Medlin Jib Booms have pockets for your forklift to reach into, and then a bar ... Read More »

Who Invented the Jib Boom?

There are a lot of modern systems we use today without ever really considering their past. Sure, we all know who invented the iPhone but there is a good chance you don’t know who invented the toaster. Look around at all the objects around you and try to think about who invented even the simplest of those items. Now, consider ... Read More »

Jib Boom Safety Guidelines

Without a doubt, when using a jib boom, one will want to know how to use it correctly. Not only that, employees in the area will want to know what to look out for and how to avoid accidents. With this in mind, here are four jib boom safety guidelines. When followed wisely, one can avoid most issues in the ... Read More »

The Jib Boom: Basics and Applications

The Jib Boom The term Jib Boom originated in ship building and now can refer to equipment with important industrial applications. A tool for extending length, the jib boom today often serves to augment the reach of cranes and lifts where once it increased the length of the bow of sailing vessels. History Jib booms were originally spars, or more ... Read More »

Who Needs a Jib Boom?

With all of the material handling products on the marketplace, it can be hard to know which jobs – and which circumstances – require which equipment. With that in mind, we here at Medlin Ramps have a little blog series going on this year on the specific applications where our products make a big difference in the quality and efficiency ... Read More »

Product Spotlight: Jib Booms

The term “Jib Boom” dates back to the early 1800’s when sailors would attach booms to ships in order to offload cargo. While booms are still used on commercial ships to move cargo to and fro, there are smaller applications for which a jib boom can come in handy. Typically, jib booms in manufacturing are seen on forklifts and small ... Read More »