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Dock Boards

Loading Dock Ramps and What to Expect

Looking for a loading dock ramp? Don’t know which type to go with? What most people don’t know is that loading dock ramps, yard ramps and forklift ramps are just a bunch of fancy ways to say the same thing. All of these ramps are exactly the same, the main difference you should look for when buying a loading dock ... Read More »

Dock Boards vs. Dock Plates


Dock boards are made strong so that usage of heavy machines, such as forklifts, can be substansial. A dock plate is made out of aluminum where as a dock board contains a plate made from steel. Both docks have a diamond pattern surface along side steel rails on two sides. This helps prevent any items/equipment to slide and fall off ... Read More »

5 Great Tips For Loading Dock Safety

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls, slips and trips accounted for 309,060 instances of on-the-job injuries at U.S. private businesses in 2016. Warehouse and production facilities have the capacity for workplace injuries, particularly when you consider all the gear required to consistently load and unload trucks. Here at Medlin Ramps, we take every precaution in our own facility, ... Read More »

How dock plates and dock boards differ

Difference between dock plates and dock boards The main difference between dock plates and dock boards is capacity. They are both similar in design and look the same with one difference. Dock plates have no guide rails and dock boards do. They both have skid resistant surfaces for safety and are typically secured permanently at each dock opening. Dock boards are ... Read More »

Caring For A Steel Dock Board

Our steel dock boards are the ideal solution for moving product in and out of containers. A huge bonus with our boards is that they can be moved from place to place. The lifting chains allow you to easily move your steel dock board to other access areas. The welded side curbs and heavy duty diamond plate provide exceptional strength. ... Read More »

3 Accidents That Could Happen Without Good Dock Boards

  A dock board is an incredibly using piece of equipment for moving product in and out of your containers. They are extremely versatile and can accommodate multiple door warehouse applications. There is one caveat when it comes to dock boards however, you should stick with purchasing high quality ones. It may sound fundamental but too many people have foregone ... Read More »

Los Angeles Dock Levelers vs. Yard Ramps

If your business regularly ships or receives large quantities or oversized items, there is a very good chance that you need some sort of loading and unloading product. This is especially true for businesses that lack a traditional, concrete loading dock. Two items commonly used for situations like this are dock levelers and yard ramps. The question then becomes, which ... Read More »

Dock Boards: Why Grocery Stores Would Crumble Without Them

We all know how groceries get to our homes and into our bellies but have you ever considered how groceries get to the stores? They certainly aren’t grown in the back room and Little Debbie is definitely not hand delivering her baked goods. No, groceries go through a fairly complex logisticaly process to make it from farmer or manufacturer to ... Read More »

Ways To Maximize Accessibility To Your Southern California Factory

Maximizing the accessibility to your factory helps the business in a variety of ways. The overall outcome is improved efficiency which leads to lower costs. By maximizing your accessibility you are increasing the ease at which items can enter and leave your factory. Whether it is raw materials being shipped in or manufactured product being shipped out, the process is ... Read More »