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Caring For A Steel Dock Board

Our steel dock boards are the ideal solution for moving product in and out of containers. A huge bonus with our boards is that they can be moved from place to place. The lifting chains allow you to easily move your steel dock board to other access areas. The welded side curbs and heavy duty diamond plate provide exceptional strength. With such a great piece of equipment, you’ll want to have this thing around for a long time. Here are some tips for caring for a steel dock board.

Use As Intended

It goes without saying, but the dock board should be used for its intended purpose. That purpose is to transport goods and products in and out of containers. While these steel dock boards are extremely durable and can take almost any kind of punishment you give the, they still should be used as intended. Using them for unintended purposes not only puts the integrity of the steel dock board at risk, but also puts your employees at risk.

Keep Within the Capacity

Our steel dock boards come in a range of capacities from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds. Again, it goes without saying but these capacity limits are there for a reason. It might seem like your board could support a mountain but you should adhere to the limits. If your capacity is 10,000 pounds, don’t push the limits and try to move 12,000 pounds across it. You are sacrificing the integrity of the board and putting your forklift and forklift driver at risk of serious injury.

Inspect Routinely

Abiding by the purpose and capacity will go a long way to keeping your board in good, working condition. However, you should also routinely check your dock board. Inspect the lift chains to make sure there aren’t any weakening links. Check the plates to make sure the treading is still sufficient. You should also clean it regularly to remove any grease, oil, or dirt buildup. This will help keep the grating in a position to provide reliable traction.


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