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Why Buying Yard Ramps From A Manufacturer Is Better


los angeles yard ramp manufacturerWhen purchasing equipment for your business, you have a lot of choices. Often there are a few tiers to choose from; you have low cost options, mid-cost options, and high-cost options. We’re here to tell you that basing your decision solely on cost, is a huge mistake. We understand the financial implications of choosing a mid or high-cost option but it could actually cost you less in the long run. Here are a few reasons why buying yard ramps from a manufacturer is better.

You Know Who Made It

One of the reason why buying yard ramps from a manufacturer is better is that you know who made it. This sounds like such a basic concept but it really does have an impact on your overall purchase process and the product itself. Let’s look at two examples.

Bob buys from Manufacturer A. John buys from Supplier B. Manufacturer A provides only their yard ramp. Supplier B sells about 15 different brands of yard ramps. These yard ramp brands range in price, size, quality, and much more. Manufacturer A can tell you everything there is to know about their yard ramps because they made it. Supplier B can only tell you what is on the spec sheet. They can’t give you tips, maintenance, or specifics because they are a middle man. If you have an issue with a ramp purchased through them, you may have to go through layers of customer service before the issue is solved. Manufacturer A can provide direct customer service.

You Know the Materials Used

When purchasing a material handling piece of equipment it is imperative that you know the materials that went into manufacturing that piece. Quality construction is important so that you know you are getting a piece of equipment that is durable and longlasting. It is also important to have a quality piece of equipment for your employee’s safety. A poorly constructed piece of equipment could malfunction during use and put your employees in harm's way.

Pride in What Was Manufactured

Finally, buying a yard ramp from a manufacturer is better because they should take pride in what they produce. We have been the leading material handling solutions manufacturer in the U.S. since 1991. Our goal is to make the highest quality equipment while providing unparalleled customer service. While a resaler may take pride in customer service, they don’t quite have the same pride in the manufacturing process of each piece of equipment.

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