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Author Archives: Mark Medlin

Interesting 2014 OSHA Safety Statistics

A good portion of the general population is familiar with OSHA. For those that are not, OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a federal administration charged with maintaining workplace safety standards. Every year OSHA is responsible for updating, revising, and administering new safety standards to better protect the safety and health of working Americans. Every year, ... Read More »

Why A Forklift Might Be A Good Investment for Your Company

  Many business owners feel that a forklift just is not for them. Material handling is only a portion of their daily business and they’ve done okay without one so far. However, more untrue words have never been spoken. A forklift can be a huge asset and investment for your company. Load Capacity Forklifts are relatively small pieces of machinery ... Read More »

3 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy Yard Ramps From That Company

As a business owner, you have to make a lot of choices. Some of the choices are internal and affect the culture of your company. Other choices may be external and affect your bottom line. Regardless of the type of choice, any good business decision comes from research and weighing your options. When it comes to selecting an external vendor, ... Read More »

Renting vs. Owning A Yard Ramp

If your business needs a yard ramp, you not only have options in terms of where to get one but also in terms of purchasing one or renting one. Depending on your particular needs and situation, purchasing or renting a yard ramp may be more appropriate for you. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when deciding between ... Read More »

Who Invented the Jib Boom?

There are a lot of modern systems we use today without ever really considering their past. Sure, we all know who invented the iPhone but there is a good chance you don’t know who invented the toaster. Look around at all the objects around you and try to think about who invented even the simplest of those items. Now, consider ... Read More »

Yard Ramps: Manual Crank System or Hydraulic

  When it comes to the world of yard ramps, there really aren’t that many features that are differentiated upon. For example, the useable width, length, capacities, and ramp surface can all vary based on who you are purchasing a yard ramp from. But most of that is a personal preference or need from the customer. However, there is one ... Read More »

Medlin Ramps Manufactures Their Own Ramps: Why This Makes A Difference

At Medlin Ramps, we manufacture our own ramps. We don’t outsource this challenging and important work to a third-party. We manufacture our ramps ourselves because we believe this makes all the difference in the end. By no means are we bashing outsourcing, but we also know that we should not outsource just for outsourcing’s sake. Quality Assurance One of the ... Read More »

What are The Components Of A Mobile Yard Ramp?

If you are in the market to purchase a mobile yard ramp, it is important to understand all of the components that go into a yard ramp, or at least the components that we include in ours. We can’t speak for everyone out there. The following components come standard in our yard ramps, which we manufacture ourselves. The Ramp First ... Read More »

What Are The Components Of A Yard Ramp?

Stationary yard ramps are an excellent solution when your business has no ground access from the dock. If your business is in this situation, you are probably in the market to either rent or purchase a stationary yard ramp. However, before doing so, you should learn about the components of a yard ramp. We’ve listed out the main components of ... Read More »

Why Steel Is The Best Material For Yard Ramps In Los Angeles

It is somewhat common knowledge that a lot of heavy duty material handling equipment is made out of steel. For example, our yard ramps are constructed out of heavy duty carbon steel. Believe it or not, there is a reason or multiple reasons why we choose steel as the material of choice for our yard ramps. The overall reason, is ... Read More »