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Author Archives: Mark Medlin

What Are Yard Ramps Used For, Anyway?

  If you or your company doesn’t own a yard ramp, there is a chance you are unfamiliar with them. Good thing we know all about yard ramps. These durable, carbon steel ramps provide a utility that is really only matched by their concrete counterparts. The only downside to concrete is that it needs to be constructed, costs a lot, ... Read More »

It’s Easy To Fax Us Your Equipment Order!

  At Medlin Ramps, our goal is to provide you with quality material handling products at an affordable price and with as little as hassle as possible. That is why we’ve made an easy-to-use equipment order form that can be faxed to us! While our customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and provide ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why Portable Yard Ramps Are Better Than Concrete Ramps

  For many medium size and smaller businesses, access to shipments can be a hassle. Your business may not already have a concrete ramp that provides easy access from a shipment to your storage facility. At first thought, you may think that you business needs to have a concrete ramp constructed. After all, this will make your operation more efficient. ... Read More »

3 Pieces Of Equipment That You Didn’t Know You Rely On Everyday

  When it comes to everyday life, there are a lot of things that occur on a daily basis that you rely on, without you even knowing that you rely on it. You aren’t necessarily taking remedial things for granted but there is definitely a disconnect when it comes to going to the store and the items you need are ... Read More »

Why Knowing Who Is Building Your Industrial Equipment Is Vital

  As consumers, we’ve all been there. Your nice, shiny new gadget has arrived and you’re eager to test it out. Everything seems okay on the surface but after a months use, the gadget breaks down and you’re left a much lighter wallet. And of course, the warranty doesn’t cover the duration or part. You check out this “U.S. based” ... Read More »

Portable Loading Docks: Are They Different From Yard Ramps?

  For most warehouses, manufacturers, and other industrial businesses, loading docks are of utmost importance. It is one of the primary areas of focus among the facilities. Loading docks allow you to transfer massive quantities of product to and from trucks. Without them, loading trucks would be a challenge and getting product into your facility with be no small feat. ... Read More »

Mobile Yard Ramps Are An Investment. Don’t Skimp Or You Could Pay The Price

  Everyone is looking for a good value, whether it is for a car, jacket, or dinner. It is an uplifting feeling to know that you just purchased something for less than its original cost. Now, we’re all for getting a great deal, when it makes sense. If you or your employees’ safety relies on the quality of that product, ... Read More »

3 Accidents That Could Happen Without Good Dock Boards

  A dock board is an incredibly using piece of equipment for moving product in and out of your containers. They are extremely versatile and can accommodate multiple door warehouse applications. There is one caveat when it comes to dock boards however, you should stick with purchasing high quality ones. It may sound fundamental but too many people have foregone ... Read More »

3 Great Yard Ramp Explanatory Videos

  Yard ramps are a very common in the material handling world. However, that does not mean that everyone that could benefit from one, knows what they are. Yard ramps are the perfect solution for businesses that obtain or deliver large shipments of goods. This can be huge manufacturing facilities all the way down to small mom and pop shops ... Read More »

3 Great Jib Boom Explanatory Videos

Lifting equipment out of tight places can be quite the challenge. That is, unless you have a jib boom. Jib booms, also known as jib boom cranes have been in existence for a long time now but still have firm application in today’s society. Our Medlin Jib Booms have pockets for your forklift to reach into, and then a bar ... Read More »