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A New Look for our Stationary Ramp

A New Look for our Stationary RampThe Medlin stationary yard ramp is the perfect solution when there is no ground access from the dock. In the past our stationary yard ramp has come only in Red. But now, the Stationary Ramp that you know and love now has a brand new look.

We aren't completely getting rid of our clasic red. We still believe that using red encourages safety. Not only does red stand out easily but it is also associated with energy and movement. Red is also associatedwith "stop". This helps promote safety because people will take notice of their surroundings. 



The New Look

Our bold new look has moved the red from the majority of the ramp to just the sides of the ramp. Now the main part of the ramp will be a dark black. The red combined with the black ensures a stark contrast in any weather or situation.

The rest of our items will still be in the typical Safety Red. If you are interested in buying or renting our stationary yard ramp. Give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN or fill out the form on our website.