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8 Tips for Loading Dock Ramp Safety

8 Tips for Loading Dock Ramp Safety

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Safety is incredibly important when it comes to using a loading dock ramp properly. So whether you buy new or used or even are just renting, follow these 8 safety tips to use your loading dock ramp. 

Angle it low - Most ramps have a maximum height of usage. Make sure that you and your employees know what that height is before using it. Always keep the ramp below the maximum height. Also by keeping the angle low, it makes it easier as well as safer to move a forklift up the ramp. 

Use Chains and Clamps- It is incredibly important that you use ramp clamps and safety chains to secure the ramp to the trailer or other docking areas. These clamps and chains should come with the ramp whether it is a new or used ramp.  Make sure you properly adjust the safety chains and ramp clamps so that the ramp is secure. 

Take it slow - When maneuvering up and down the ramp take your time. Don't jerk the forklift or move too quickly because it risks the safety of the operator. 

Know the Numbers - Make sure you know the maximum weight capacity for the ramp. To find this out you might have to ask the previous owner, the manufacturer or the dealer depending on who you bought the ramp from. 

Forklift Knowledge & Experience - If you are going to be using a forklift on the loading ramp make sure that the people operating the forklift are experienced as well as have the knowledge to safely operate it. By making sure your employees are certified to operate a forklift you keep the process safe and efficient.

Provide training - By providing the training necessary to properly operate the loading dock ramp, it will give the employees confidence in their ability to use the ramp. 

Inspect it - Inspecting the ramp frequently will increase the lifespan of your ramp as well as make sure that your product remains secure. When inspecting, check for signs of rust, broken clamps or chains, and remove all debris from the loading platform. You should train your employees on how and when to inspect the components before using the ramp. If you are renting or buying used make sure to inspect the ramp for normal wear and tear as well as how the components are constructed. 

Signage It- Keep signage near the ramp on proper usage, safe practices for the forklift operator, and all weight capacity and maximum load limits. This signage should be easy-to-read and accessible for the employees it was created to inform.

Follow these loading dock ramp safety tips to make sure your process runs smoothly and efficiently. At Medlin Ramps, we take safety as a priority. We dedicate our time to making sure you get the best possible steel ramp for your business. Please call us at 877-4-MEDLIN for more information.