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4 Reasons Why Portable Yard Ramps Are Better Than Concrete Ramps


los angeles mobile yard rampFor many medium size and smaller businesses, access to shipments can be a hassle. Your business may not already have a concrete ramp that provides easy access from a shipment to your storage facility. At first thought, you may think that you business needs to have a concrete ramp constructed. After all, this will make your operation more efficient. The only issue is that having a concrete ramp constructed is no simple feat. It involves a lot of work, time, and money.

Luckily, there is an alternative that provides your business with the same utility as a concrete ramp: the portable yard ramp. Let’s break down why the portable yard ramp is a much better option than its concrete counterpart.

No Permits Required

First of all, there are no permits required to obtain and use a portable yard ramp. It is simply an asset you purchase for your business that is not a permanent structure. This is a huge advantage and if you don’t agree you clearly have not had the need to apply for a permit. They cost money and take time. Two things that are in short supply if you own a budding business.

Long Construction Times Avoided

Another advantage to purchasing a portable yard ramp as opposed to constructing a concrete ramp is the construction process itself. While you aren’t building anything architecturally complex, you still are relying on multiple factors of construction. The concrete providers need to pour the concrete and the concrete needs to cure properly. This is a vast oversimplification of the process but the bottom line is that construction isn’t a quick process. Chances are, if you are looking to build a concrete ramp, you need it sooner rather than later.

High Construction Cost Avoided

Another advantage to the portable yard ramp is that it is much more fiscally responsible for your business than a concrete ramp. Sure you can look out your building’s back windows and admire your shiny new concrete ramp but when you look at your financial books the shine begins to fade. Portable yard ramps are a much more economical choice.

Portable Yard Ramp is Re-Sellable

Finally, portable yard ramps are a better option than concrete ramps because you can actually resell them. This is not the case with concrete ramps. Remember, concrete ramps are permanent. There really is no way for you to transfer ownership without transferring ownership of your building. So if you are no longer in need of your portable yard ramp, you should be able to find someone who does need it.

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