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3 Pieces Of Equipment That You Didn’t Know You Rely On Everyday


forklift accessoryWhen it comes to everyday life, there are a lot of things that occur on a daily basis that you rely on, without you even knowing that you rely on it. You aren’t necessarily taking remedial things for granted but there is definitely a disconnect when it comes to going to the store and the items you need are there. You probably aren’t aware of the daily tasks, systems, and equipment that were used to get that specific product to the store. So today, we honor those pieces of equipment that you didn’t know you rely on everyday.

Yard Ramps

One of the first pieces of equipment that you rely on everyday is a yard ramp. A yard ramp is a piece of equipment used for shipping and receiving. Many larger companies rely on permanent, concrete ramps for this purpose however yard ramps are quite common as an alternative or even a substitute. Your local grocery store might rely on a yard ramp to move a fresh shipment of produce from the truck to the warehouse section in the back of the store. Without a yard ramp, this process would be much, much more difficult.


While we are on the subject of shipping and receiving, forklifts are another common piece of equipment that you rely on everyday. Forklifts help to move pallets of product from the truck to the storage area of retailers, manufacturers, and more. Without forklifts the process would most likely be done by hand. That would mean more staff needs which would drive up costs. Luckily, our world is chock full of forklifts that make moving material a piece of cake.

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners go hand-in-hand with any logistics situation and are part of the same process that uses forklifts and yard ramps. We will disregard the barcode scanners you see in a checkout line and focus on the ones behind the scenes. These barcode scanners help to track shipments and inventory. The scanners allow employees to easily tag a new shipment which can automatically load it into the product inventory database. Without automation, this process would need to be done manually, keeping track of inventory going out and coming in. It would be a “logistical” nightmare. This automation also helps to ensure that the products you want are on the shelves in the store. Without the automation you would need to rely on a store manager to know every single product and when it was about to run out.

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