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3 Great Yard Ramp Explanatory Videos


los angeles yard rampYard ramps are a very common in the material handling world. However, that does not mean that everyone that could benefit from one, knows what they are. Yard ramps are the perfect solution for businesses that obtain or deliver large shipments of goods. This can be huge manufacturing facilities all the way down to small mom and pop shops that happen to have a high inventory.

Yard ramps allow these businesses to gain access to shipment trucks without the need of a permanent loading dock. Now we can go on and on about yard ramps but the fact is that some people are visual learners. Reading through a page of text simply cannot show what a video can.

So below we’ve included three great explanatory videos about yard ramps.

How a Yard Ramp Works

This first video is such a great visual representation of how a yard ramp works, that there isn’t even sound included. It shows the basic premise of a yard ramp; to drive a forklift back and forth from the ground to the truck, hauling goods. Then the video ends with the detachment of the yard ramp from the back of the truck.


Positioning and Using a Yard Ramp

The next video shows exactly what the title says. It too forgoes the use of sound, but clearly visualizes what it is trying to explain the viewer. This video does a great job of showing how to move the yard ramp from its current location to a desired location.

Safety Moving and Positioning a Yard Ramp

The final video is very similar to the previous one but gives step-by-step instructions on how to move, adjust, and anchor the ramp.

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