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3 Common Uses For A Rail Board


Material handling solutions have to get a little creative when it comes to moving shipments across country. The process of loading, unloading and moving large quantities of goods is something that we’ve had to do since the invention of the railway. We’ve come a long ways since then and methods of material handling have become much safer and more efficient.

One of the common tools used today for material handling is the rail board. Rail boards are used on railways boxcars. They are used on multiple types of cars including standard cars, refrigerated cars, and even lumber cars.

Transferring Between Railcars

One of the main uses for a rail board is to transfer goods between different railcars. The rail board allows a pallet of goods to be driven from one railway boxcar to the one behind it. This makes the process of loading railcars much easier and much more efficient. Loading can occur in one section of the freight train and goods can be moved around as necessary.

Loading and Unloading

Similarly, another common use for a rail board to is load and unload railway boxcars. Train boxcars simply aren’t filled with product. They require loading and unloading of pallets. Rail boards are needed to assist in the process of bringing pallets of goods onto the train and off of the train.

Transferring Across to Separated Platforms

Rail boards can also be used outside of the railcars. They make excellent tools to move shipments across any area that may have a gap. For example, they can be used as a bridge from a truck to a warehouse or distribution center. No matter how far a truck backs up, there is always going to be some gap or some crevice that makes material handling dangerous. Forklift drivers shouldn’t be driving across this unstable gap, especially with the risk of the truck moving. The rail board is way to bridge this gap so that a forklift driver can safely transfer goods onto and off of the truck.

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