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3 Accidents That Could Happen Without Good Dock Boards


dock boards los angelesA dock board is an incredibly using piece of equipment for moving product in and out of your containers. They are extremely versatile and can accommodate multiple door warehouse applications. There is one caveat when it comes to dock boards however, you should stick with purchasing high quality ones. It may sound fundamental but too many people have foregone quality in an effort to reduce costs. Those people usually end up encountering one or more of these three dock board accidents.


A common accident with industrial equipment is slippage. When weather conditions are less than ideal, the probability of slippage only increases. A low quality dock board might only be handle a number of uses before the treading starts to wear down. When this happens, your employees and your machinery begin to lose traction on the dock board. It only takes one misstep to lead to a broken back or hip. Do yourself a favor and get a dock board with a quality, steel diamond plate.


Another potential accident with a low quality dock board is flat out breakage. Whether it couldn’t really handle the specified capacity or it wore down too quickly, it wouldn’t be the first time a poorly constructed dock board broke. This could be as simple as a little bend that makes the board uneven.

Additionally, if the lifting chains are poorly constructed you might find yourself replacing those chains with heavier duty chains.


Finally, another potential accident waiting to happen on a poorly constructed dock board is falling. A high quality dock board with having heavy duty side curbs that can stop a forklift in its tracks. A dock board with not-so-heavy-duty side curbs might give way to a powerful forklift, allowing it to teeter off the edge.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. You can choose to invest in a high quality dock board that will last you a long time and will provide your employees with safety or you can choose the other route and come face-to-face with one of the accidents above.

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