Picking The Right Forklift Ramp For Your Business

It is very important to choose the right type of yard ramp for your business. Variable include the type of metal, capacity, the length and width for the use are some examples.

Some questions you should be asking are:

  • What kind of forklift ramp do you need?
  • Portable/ Mobile with wheels for unloading ramps and containers
  • Stationary for access to dock areas and semi permanent

It is extremely important to pick the right type, capacity, width and length steel yard ramp for your use.

One may ask what is the guideline for choosing forklift capacity in a yard ramp. Lets say your heaviest forklift is 10,000 pounds. The ramp capacity should be 3 x more than that amount. So let’s say 30,000 lb should be the limit.

How wide should your yard ramp be? Standard yard ramps should be 84″ with a 78″ usable width accounting for the yard ramp safety curbs.

The length of the yard ramp is usually 36 foot with a 6 foot level off to get the forks down the ramp.

Medlin Ramps also has custom solutions available to meet your needs. We manufacture mobile and stationary forklift ramps available to rent or own.

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