Yard Ramps – To Buy and Own or Rent and Lease

A steel yard ramp is a lasting sound solution for your loading and unloading demands. Getting one nonetheless, can be rather difficult, particularly when you’ve got a marked down price in mind. To help you in your search Medlin Ramps has compiled the 3 ways you’ll be able to get a ramp – all of which come with their own price tags and gains.

Rent to Own – While not the most adaptable means to acquiring one, it is a “now” solution for acquiring a ramp for yourself over a time period. The gist of this deal, is you pay a little more than what normal rent would be. The additional sum goes to the purchase of the ramp itself. The best part about this, is it enables you to pay monthly, making the acquisition of a steel yard ramp less capital intensive. On another note, you can own it once you have finished payments, giving you another advantage for your businesses balance sheet. The drawback is… you end up paying many times more for the ramp than you would have if you paid in full right away. However, if you have to have a ramp, along with the funds just aren’t there, and a loan is out of question, then this is your best bet.

Lease – This is an excellent alternative if you are looking for temporary ownership. In the event that you just need a yard ramp for a couple months, then go with renting. The general rule of thumb here is, you get discounts for renting more. Nonetheless, I can not see why someone would want to lease a yard ramp for so long, that they end up paying an amount equal to purchasing a brand new one. I figure that usually is not the case, and most only want one for a month or 2.

Buy – Putting down 10 to 30 grand on a ramp might not be the most appealing solution, however,  if you are going to use it for years to come it will pay off. Also, even though you will not be using it, you could always rent it out, giving your company an additional revenue flow. To save some money, you can sometimes find one for used. An important thing to remember, is that rust is the enemy as it pertains to buying a used ramp. Rust will suggest the ramp is on it’s last leg, and WOn’t be a structurally secure. Getting one new on the flip side, is a tasteful way of ensuring you get a quality ramp, that will absolutely hold the weight it signifies.

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