4 Facts About Yard Ramps

There are specific things you should know when looking for a deal on one of our yard ramps, or even considering why it’s even an option that you may need one. Whether you want new and useful information for purchasing purposes or just want a good conversation starter to impress your friends, you’ll regardless have learned something new today. Here are 4 valuable facts about yard ramps.

Workload. Using a yard ramp not only allows for the work to be much less work for the average person, but it also diminishes the amount of work that needs to be done. A single person could make use of a yard ramp with the simple use of a forklift, depending on the weight of the load. Who wants more work on their hands, anyway? Efficient and easy, just the way we like it.

Cost and Safety Effective. When used for industrial or commercial use, yard ramps are far cheaper than loading docks, which are usually costly because they are built into the facility. With loading docks also come hazards, one of the most common being the “trailer creep.” This is when a separation between the trailer and dock is created because of the upward and forward motion of the forklift, which is extremely dangerous. Workers can sustain serious injuries while operating a forklift if this occurs, and we can all agree that it’s always best to try and avoid a future lawsuit. Yard ramps are a much safer alternative, with side rails to prevent forklifts from careening off either end. Yard ramps can also support overall varying levels of suspension. The height of yard ramps can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the truck or weight of the load. This flexibility of position greatly reduces the possibility of the infamous trailer creep.

Construction. The versatility of yard ramps comes from their ability to withstand various weather conditions and temperatures when put to work. This is because their construction is based on the need. Yard ramps are created from a variety of materials, though most of them are made of welded steel. They can be made of aluminum and other materials, as well, for more harsh conditions such as freezing or wet weather. However, these tend to be more expensive because of increased durability, which is why most yard ramps are created from steel. For an easier transport option, they also come with wheels.

Capacity. With a large range of weight for transporting shipping materials between the trailer and dock, yard ramps can support a great deal. The industry standard for a yard ramp’s capacity is between a whopping 7 and 10 tons. Some of the more special, heavy duty ramps can even go up from 12 to 15 tons depending on the need as well.

When it really comes down to the best option for transporting goods locally, our yard ramps are, by far, the more superior option. No matter the weight, season, or time of the year, our yard ramps are the most reliable way to safely dock and load anything you need.

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