Safety Tips For Yard Ramps In Winter Weather

One of the great things about our yard ramps for sale is that they are constructed for year round use. The ramps have a serrated grating surface that allows operation in virtually any weather condition, providing reliable traction. However, even with this great safety feature, it is still important to have safe practices during winter weather where conditions are much more challenging to work in. Here are some safety tips for yard ramps in the winter weather.

Plan a Safety Meeting

You’ll probably get some scoffs at the notion of hosting a safety meeting, but the truth is that it can be extremely important. Every so often, it is good to remind employees that safety is of paramount importance. You should discuss the processes from previous years and determine if anything is worth revising. If there were any mishaps with personnel or equipment last year during poor weather, those should be discussed and action plans should be placed to prevent them from occurring this year. Overall the goal of the safety meeting is to remind personnel of safety guidelines, equipment safety, and fixing any areas with potential pitfalls.

Safety Reminders

Another often overlooked aspect of safety is posting reminders. Every time you walk past an area of a floor that has just been mopped, you’ll see a caution sign warning of the wet floor. This simple little sign at least signifies to a person that they should tread more carefully. By posting signs like this near equipment such as yard ramps, you are giving an employee that last minute signal to be careful. The meeting is a great overview before the winter weather hits, but these reminders can be the difference between keep safe practices and a workplace incident.

Always Check Treads

We are very confident in our yard ramps and their ability to provide reliable traction. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your yard ramps a quick inspection before every winter season. You want to ensure that there will be enough traction for your personnel to walk on it as well as your forklifts to drive over it.

In addition, check the treads on your forklift’s tires. If the tires are looking old and weary, you might want to replace them before the winter months are upon you.

For more information about yard ramps, contact Medlin Ramps online or give us a call at 877-4-MEDLIN.

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